The new digital area: Transforming Business & Sales

Partner event with the Netherlands-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce


We await you with two presentations on 26 November 2020.


Did you also need to speed up your digitialization processes? Let’s talk about it:

Two stimulating presentations will give you food for thought!


How does classical sales transform to social sales?

→ Digital Marketing Trends

→ Tips to make your salesforce more efficient using social media techniques.

Speaker: Balázs Erényi, CEO, GO Digital Ltd.


What opportunities and benefits do digital tools provide to the companies?

→ Digital Transformation that happened Accidentally



There has long been pressure on companies to embrace digital transformation, but it was rather an internal need to automate internal processes and engange customers on various digital platforms.


Then COVID-19 hit, and virtually every organozation – both in the business and inthe  public sector had to adapt its way of working overnight.  Transformation went from a luxury to an absolute necessity.  The way we do business and sell or products or services, even ourselves at a job interview, have changed for good.


The two presentations of this online seminar will shed light on the opportunities that technology can offer to rebuild your business around the customer (let it be your company staff or clients) to create a truly connected and highly profitable enterprise.


Date & Time: 26 November 2020, 16:00 – 17:30

Platform: GoToWebinar – we will send you the access link to the live event until 25 November


Participation is free of charge but online registration is required in advance.

26. November 2020, 16:00


GoToWebinar - we will send you the access link to the live event until 25 November

Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos.


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