Digital Business Transformation

 Digital Business Transformation
„Driving for Business Performance in a Digitalized World”

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a Holland-Magyar Kereskedelmi Kamarával és a Svéd Kereskedelmi Kamarával

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Csatlakozzon a konferenciánkhoz, ahol megosztjuk Önökkel a legújabb trendeket és a bevált gyakorlatokat a digitális kultúra vállalati bevezetésével és fejlesztésével kapcsolatban.

Az élethosszig tartó tanulás korában élünk, amely nemcsak egyéni, hanem vállalati szinten is releváns.

2018. április 19.



8:30–9:30: Regisztráció
A Klaxoon interakciósprogram bemutatása  

9:30–11:00 Business environment/trends
Tomorrow your devices will know you: 10 hot consumer trends in 2018

Speaker: Roland Jakab, Managing Director, Ericsson
Ericsson predicts 1 billion 5G subscriptions in 2023. Expected to be deployed first in dense urban areas, 5G will cover over 20 percent of the world’s population by the end of 2023. The first commercial networks based on 5G New Radio (NR) are expected to go live in 2019, with major deployments from 2020. Early 5G deployments are foreseen in several markets, including the US, South Korea, Japan and China. Ericsson points to a paradigm shift as consumers expect digital technology to increasingly operate on human terms. Body language, facial expression and intonation will augment voice and touch to control consumer interaction with tech devices, easing adaption in an ever-increasing pace of technological change. 


Industrial digitalization in practice 
Speaker: Taira-Julia Lammi, CEO, ABB

Writing the digital future, takes ability. It takes ability to match solutions to problems, like automation to labor shortage.
It takes ability to save energy – intelligence in machines and control systems will help you.
It takes ability to close the loop – data requires action and we need to take information from the physical world (from the plant or equipment) and affect the maintenance schedules, operational processes as a result of data.
This is what it takes to win in digital.


11:00–11:30 Kávészünet 


11:30–13:00 Business culture


HR in a digital world
Speaker: Sándor Baja, General Manager, Randstad Hungary

How digitalization will influence the future of the work? Generations, scarcity, digitalization: what is the outcome of all these factors in short and medium term?


Digital HR – Challanges and Opportunities
Speaker: Gizella Ménesi, Business Analyst, Nexon Kft.

Teaser: HR organizations are challenged by radically changed expectations from both employees and management, as changes in technology, work practices and business norms combine with generational shifts in attitude to work and increasing labor shortages and skill deficits. These employment related challenges however also provide opportunities, as increasingly capable HR applications, mobile technology, big data, on-line learning and social collaboration tools fundamentally change how we live, work and communicate. HR can and will use the tools of the digital revolution to support how their organizations find, employ, train, understand, motivate, manage, reward and retain the people they need.


Mobility to the people! – Transforming a family car company in a digital mobility provider 
Speaker: Stijn Otten, Dir. Innovation & Business Development, Business Lease


Best practices and failures from personal experiences

Roland Jakab, Managing Director, Ericsson
Taira-Julia Lammi, CEO, ABB
Johan Eidhagen, Chief Marketing Officer, WizzAir
Stijn Otten, Dir. Innovation & Business Development, Business Lease
György Nagy, Country Manager, Sigma Technolgy Hungary


13:00 – 14:00 Ebéd


14:00–15:00 Business solutions
Interactive break-out sessions, parallel workshops

Learning to go. How to embrace the digital learning journey? 
Speaker: Ágnes Galambos, Managing Partner, Krauthammer Hungary

The recent development in the workplace with Digital Transformation changes the game for learning specialists: The needs are developing as today’s fast paced environment, efficiency goals and sustainability demand another approach.
Furthermore employee shortage, fluctuation, employee retention, employer branding are all hot topics connected to how an organisation is able to boost #collectiveintelligence, provide a stimulating environment where the most powerful assets of the company, humans want to interact, develop and stay.
Knowledge is shared and consumed in a different manner to suit more individual needs.
In this interactive workshop we invite you to dive into the concepts of #lifelonglearning #digitallearning in order to better understand how to design an immersive learning journey with the right technology in order to serve the strategic needs for impactful and measurable experience through #blended learning.


Social selling – how to manage sales performance in digitalized business environment

Speaker: Balázs Erényi, Digital Marketing Strategist, WSI

The recent development of the internet and social media has changed the game in Sales & Marketing:
• The separation between traditional and digital marketing is disappearing, there is only effective communication in a digitalized environment.
• Customers became much more informed when taking buying decision.
• The role of salesperson is changing.
In the conference you will get deeper understanding to topics like:
• How can businesses generate leads to nurture them to prospects and customers?
• How to change the way sales people succeed to manage relationship with their prospects?
• Is there a way to develop your sales teams to better perform in the digital world?
Social selling is one of the answers.


International Expense Management
Get off from Excel and attached receipts, go digital and let us talk about gains

Speaker: Gábor Váradi, Sales Director, TMF Group
In an industry study over 70% out of 500 multinational companies stated they wanted to update or planned to update their travel and expense management systems in 2016. Are you one of them?
Are you already reporting expenses on-the-go, taking a picture of receipts and use OCR to create an expense line for them?
Do we all approve low value expense items without human intervention?
With a Mobile App, managers today are able to approve expense reports during their commute making for a speedy controlling and a fast reimbursement process.


15:00 – 15:30 Kávészünet


15:30-16:30 It’s all about the bottom line
How to keep people in focus at a technology company while the world goes digital

Speaker: Dóra Cseresnyés, COO, Sigma Technology Hungary

While companies spend a lot on ultramodern offices and high-end digital solutions, it is easy to forget that their bottom line is still generated by people. Staying “personal” pays off even in a digitalized world.


Efficiency via Digital Transformation
Speaker: Tamás Szépvölgyi, CEO, Sanoma MDC

Mobile Tsunami has hit many industries. Companies adapt mobile and connected solutions slowly, while executives and employees manage their lives on mobile devices already. How to prepare?

Digitalization to drive lower costs and improving customer experience 
Speaker: Johan Eidhagen, Chief Marketing Officer, Wizz Air

From predictive maintenance to product insights and development.


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Ericsson Hungary Research and Development Center
(Budapest, Magyar Tudósok Körútja 11.)


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2018. április 19., 8:30


Ericsson Hungary Research and Development Center
Budapest, Magyar Tudósok Körútja 11.

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